common questions and answers

What does one size mean?

One size means that our clothes are manufactured in a size that has a larger size range, for example a garment can fit sizes 36-42.

One size does not mean that the garment fits all sizes on the market. In addition, some one sizes may be larger or smaller than 36-42. This is stated in the product text.

What sizes do you have in your clothes?

Our clothes are mainly one size, which means that they are manufactured in a size that has a larger size range, for example a garment can fit sizes 36-42.
Some models also fit up to 46-48.

Our jeans and some limited collections have sizes from XS-XL.

Sizes & measurements are always printed on each product page.

What does the word "stone washed" mean?

When we state that the garment is stone washed, it means that we have washed it so that it has a "vintage look" - a used, worn look.

In practical terms, we dyed the garment first. Then partially decolorized in another wash.

Are your clothes shrinking?

Generally, the fabric in our clothes is washed at least twice. This means that it is fully shrunk if you follow the washing instructions on the garment.

If you wash your garment too hot (mainly applies to viscose, tencel, wool, knitwear) there is a risk of it shrinking, unfortunately it is not grounds for a complaint if you wash the garment outside the washing instructions. It is also better to wash the clothes at a cooler temperature, then they keep the color longer.

Linen garments can be washed with advantage at 40-60 degrees. Same with cotton. Viscose max 40 degrees. Knitted at 30 degrees in wool program to keep the shape.

How do I find out the measurements of your clothes?

You will find the dimensions on each product page.

What is your return policy?

We at Reunion do not have free returns. If you wish to return an item, you pay the return shipping yourself.
We are clear that we do not accept returns of SALE items and clearance sales.
All returns must be approved by our customer service.

What are the opening hours for customer service?

Customer service by email and chat is open between 10-16.30 on weekdays. Red days closed.

Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we have our Reunion farm in Hagestad out in Österlen.
You can read more and see opening hours at www.reuniongå

I want to become a member but it doesn't work, what should I do?

Email us at and we will send a link to activate your membership account.

I want to choose the color/size but it doesn't work, what should I do?

Try refreshing the website or close and open again.

If you get an error message with a link, click the link and try again.