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From Italy to Österlen and everything in between!

My only day off

Kenneth came this morning at 06.00 and cut the hedges. Almost everyone. Then he had to go back to his farm outside Borrby. Wild boar had dug up the whole...

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Season all year round

Days and nights flow together. Just like that, our summers have looked for many many years. Being proud seasonal worker outstanding to season all year round now requires that you...

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Here is to be frozen in beautiful

I can't even have the coffee alone for the flies today. They are incredibly stressful. Will it be rainy moon? Constantly equipped with a dog -shaped fly trap in the...

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The whole Reunion family

The whole Reunion family for three generations. Little does she know, Bill, what is waiting. That she, who is going to run here around Grandma's legs in princess dresses a...

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A Saturday in mid -June

We sat up for too long yesterday and looked out at the night. A lonely light gasped in front of us on the table. The dogs had long ago stopped...

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Magical morning

What a magical morning. We sit - me and the sausages - and look at the view. It is certainly not very different today. It is a bit overcast but...

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Do not be in such a hurry

I got 6 hours of continuous sleep last night. It happens very rarely. I feel right when I wake up, even though it was only 5, that I had got...

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Summer happiness

What can we want more? It bubbles with summer happiness. It is the little little moments of happiness that counts. To wake up at sunrise. If you look at Stories...

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