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To register as a reseller, do the following:

  1. Click on “Log in” and then “Create Account”
  2. Scroll down to register as a reseller and click “Register here”
  3. We Ask You To Fill In All the Information That Is Requested and Then Click On "Create Account"

Once You Have Registered, We Will Review Your Request and Approve You As A wholesale Customer Within 24 Hours.

You will then receive a confirmation email from us and can then log in to the website using your registered email and password and start shopping.

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Shop on the website:

Make Sure that you are logged in as a wholesale Customer to Be Able To See Your Prices.

Click on the Link ”WHOLESALE“In the navigation menu to get to the products, always make Sure that you are on this page you are logged in so that you always see the current available products for you as a reseller.

The Prices You See On The Products Are Per Piece But The Minimum Order Is 4 PCS / Variant So make to put the quantity to 4 if it's not already set to 4. You can also buy 8 or 12 and so on but never 3 and 5. (In this case you will get a message saying that you need to adjust the quantity to 4)

Some Exceptions do Occur When we have Already Fixed Packages of 4, 6 or 10, this will be writ on the specific product and in this case you only set the quantity to 1 piece.

You can always contact us in case you see an item that you are interest in that is not available to put in the cart, this product has most likely only 3 or less life in stock. Then we can always create a manual order for you with the items we have left in stock.

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We Require Advance Payment from New B2B Customers Outside of Sweden and Thefore We Ask That You Pay By Card or Choose B2B Invoice When You Are Ready to Select The Payment Method at Checkout.

If you choose the b2b invoice we will then send you an invoice that we ask you to pay before we can send you the order.

If we put in a manual order for you we then send you a link by email to complete the order by selecting the same options as mentioned above.


The wholesale Shipping Price IS 499 SEK.

At checkout please select the option "WHOLESALE Shipping '.

We Only Deliver to Business Addresses, Not Box or Residential Addresses. If no one is on site at the time of Delivery, we reserve the right to invoice for any Warehouse Rent of Goods or Additional Shipping Costs.
Deviating Opening Hours Must Be Notified When Location The Order.

Complaints About The Goods (Does Not Apply To Transport Damage) Must Be Reported To Reunion Nordic AB NO LATER THAN 8 DAYS After receive the goods