It started with a cinnamon soap in 2001. Now we are writing in 2024 and we continue our exciting journey.

I was in Thailand with my family and stayed at an amazing spa –
Six senses, which was run by a Swedish woman and her husband.

There, in this jungle environment I found beautiful glass jars full of natural soaps shaped like grains of rice.
I fell flat on my face and the rest is history.

It wasn't long until the next trip was booked and I brought home the agency for these natural spa products.

The years have passed and during my travels all over the world I have found the products that I wanted to show my own world of pleasure; in Scandinavia. I have always had a full focus on natural products, clean materials, locally produced by families and small family-owned factories.
I have always met the families and thus gained control over how the production is carried out.

We have been back in Europe with production for a few years now. Our focus is to dress our Reunion women; to make you feel
beautiful, proud, happy, excited, independent and independent. We work mostly in linen, cotton and viscose.
The factories we work with are small family-owned factories where we play
a major role in their development and well-being. Our collaborations are always based on trust and patience and, of course, great creativity.

For me, an essential issue has always been that you also let the girls in the family go to school.

The garments we do not design and produce ourselves, we handpick from a number of talented, creative suppliers in both Italy and France. Our focus is to find that little something extra for you.
The products in interior design, fragrances and gardening come from our colleagues and friends in the industry.
We choose the most beautiful, the best, the tastiest, the funnest, the most fragrant we can find - all for you and your home.

We mainly sell to private individuals via our stores in Österlen (Hagestad) and here in our webshop.
We also sell a lot of our collections to retailers around Scandinavia.
All prices here in the web shop are per/piece, including VAT.

If you want to visit us, we are in Hagestad out on Österlen.
You can have coffee in front of the fire if it's muggy outside. If you want, you kick off your shoes and shop in the clothing and interior design store, which is jam-packed with our Reunion collections.

Welcome to our world of pleasure!