This week's profile:

Name: Lisa Carlsson
Role in the company: Art Director (AD)
Age: 28 years
Family: Yes! My partner Abbe and our two dogs Mimmi and Saga!
Pets: Mimmi the large poodle almost 6 years old and Saga the Borrador 4 years old.

Hi Lisa!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Well, where to start? I love people, always have which of course has brought me to the service industry.
I started working in restaurants as early as 14 years old in my hometown Varberg, then I have worked in restaurants in Melbourne, London and Stockholm. It was when I lived in Stockholm that my interest in fashion was brought to life and I started studying fashion science.
The interest in the best wine for the appetizer was replaced with the best fit of the raw jeans and the perfect T-shirt in brushed cotton. In addition to my studies in fashion science, I am a trained yoga teacher and human ecologist and am passionate about helping both the planet and people.

I have my aesthetic vein from my mother, who is an artist, and my father, who both danced and was a musician. After I finished my education in Human Ecology at Lund University, I started working full-time at Reunion.
First, I worked extra hard in the store and photographed products together with Jossan, our E-commerce manager that you read about last week, and then it was built on with newsletters, web shop, live shopping, graphic profile, and model photography. Great fun!

What does a typical working day look like?

Like everyone else in the Reunion crew, I don't really have a typical day as you already know by now. Every day looks different for us depending on what we have planned for mailings, photo shoots, live shopping, fashion shows and more. BUT I usually arrive at the office on Tessin väg 9 at 9 a.m. Mon-Fri after a slow walk through the park with the dogs, a habit I refuse to give up no matter what the day looks like.
After that, we usually start the day with a morning meeting where we plan for the day/week. Then it is almost always me who gets the coffee craving first and provides the team with the morning coffee.
Then there may be a shoot in progress, delivery of products, sending out newsletters or some other fun thing that I do during the day. To just call the job multi-faceted would be an understatement, we always have fun new projects waiting around the corner, under the rug and in the coffee room!

What do you like most about your job?

I mainly like the people I work with and meet every day as well as the days when we are out and photographing at other locations such as the dahlia frame or on the farm.
I get a lot of energy from being in the store and meeting the customers and talking. Then it's no surprise that I love when Maria has been to Italy and comes home with news?
It feels good to work at a family business where everyone knows everyone and where we are super flexible for change.

How would you describe the company's culture and work environment?

Reunion can probably be perceived from the outside as a large company with everything we do, but I love the family feeling. We laugh a lot in the office. Abbe who is our immediate boss
(and my partner) in Malmö and Maria always makes sure that we work towards our personal and company goals in a fun way.
We always have at least two dogs in the office and there is ALWAYS coffee and treats for the staff! Definitely one of my best workplaces ever!

What are your interests outside of work?

Yoga is my biggest interest, as I said, I am training as a yoga teacher in vinyasa and am currently training myself in ashtanga, which is a bit more physically challenging. Besides that, I love long dinners, walks, cold baths, dancing with Abbe in the kitchen and cooking, painting and tinkering with plants. Got a notice from Spotify on my annual summary that I'm one of the 2% on Spotify who listen the most haha.. ALWAYS have music or podcasts on if I'm not listening to an audiobook.

What is your favorite food?

Anything Mexican! Preferably with lots of green salsa on it! Have you tried it? DELICIOUS! But overall, the SAUCE is always the most important thing, isn't it? Nothing is good without sauce...

What is the most memorable thing you have experienced in life?

One of the funnest and scariest things I've done was when I moved to London by myself as a 21-year-old.
In the beginning it was horrible, full of anxiety and lonely but so slowly the pieces fell into place. I got a job at a super restaurant in the middle of nowhere and after wandering around different hostels for two months, I moved to a collective with amazing girls who had all broken away from their own existence to live the London life.
The very core of the experience goes back to DARE DARE even if it feels scary now and maybe will be for a while to come. The universe has a very special and beautiful way of straightening things out even when it seems that everything went wrong and didn't turn out as planned.

Most of the time, the new road, even though it is more crooked, more winding and longer, is far, far better than the one you have marked out yourself.

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