5 steps for you to succeed in redeeming your points.

Step 1 - Sign In

Start by logging in and click on See & release points Under the Customer Club tab in the menu.

Step 2 - See your points

To redeem the score, click on "Ways to Redeem" - "View" - "Redeem Points" and finally "Apply Code".

If you have already redeemed your points, there should be a discount code that you will find under "Your Rewards".

Step 3 - Log out

Since the score code only applies at regular prices, you cannot be logged in as you automatically receive reduced membership prices then.

Step 4 - Choose your goods

Find what you want to buy and put in the shopping cart, make sure you are logged in and then move on to the checkout.

Step 5 - Complete the purchase

If you have already clicked on "Apply Code" before you sign out, the points discount is ready at checkout.

If you just copied the code, you paste it in the "discount code/gift card" field.

Then fill in your details and select payment options.