Common questions & answers

What does one size mean?

One size means that our clothes are manufactured in a size that has a larger size range, for example a garment can fit sizes 36-42.

One size does not mean that the garment fits all sizes on the market. In addition, some one sizes may be larger or smaller than 36-42. This is stated in the product text.

What does the word "stone washed" mean?

When we state that the garment is stone washed, it means that we have washed it so that it has a "vintage look" - a used, worn look.

In practical terms, we dyed the garment first. Then partially decolorized in another wash.

Are your clothes shrinking?

Generally, the fabric in our clothes is washed at least twice. This means that it is fully shrunk if you follow the washing instructions on the garment.

If you wash your garment too hot (mainly applies to viscose, tencel, wool, knitwear) there is a risk of it shrinking, unfortunately it is not grounds for a complaint if you wash the garment outside the washing instructions. It is also better to wash the clothes at a cooler temperature, then they keep the color longer.

Linen garments can be washed with advantage at 40-60 degrees. Same with cotton. Viscose max 40 degrees. Knitted at 30 degrees in wool program to keep the shape.

How can I find out the measurements of your clothes?

You will find the measurements under each article.

If I regret it, I want to send back my order. How do I do then?

As a company, you unfortunately have no right of withdrawal, but the purchase is binding. We therefore ask you to call us if you are unsure about something or if you wish to see the garments in reality in one of our showrooms.

If a customer comes into my store with a complaint, what do I do?

The customer comes in with goods that is broken.
You as a shopkeeper must decide if the customer bought a garment that they have broken themselves (seams, stoves on jeans etc) or if the fabric has burst in an odd place that may be fabrication defects.

If you suspect manufacturing defects, you can send a picture to and we will help you with an assessment.
We replace garments with manufacturing defects with a new item.
But unfortunately we do not replace garments that the customer has used in a negligent way.
If a customer finds a dress in your store that has a hole, we must remind you of your duty to approve the delivered goods within 8 days after delivery to get the garment replaced/replaced. Then that right lapses.

If my company is not approved for credit, how can I shop?

You are most welcome to shop with us regardless of whether you are credit approved or not.

We then send out an advance invoice that we ask you to pay before the goods leave our warehouse.

Can I see your collections live?

Obvious! You are always welcome to book time for viewing either via video link or physically in stores.

Add an email to and we will book a time that fits.

Can I visit you and shop directly?

Absolutely, you are most welcome to come to our store in Österlen and shop directly if we have the goods in stock.

Book your visit to - We look forward to seeing!

What are the shipping costs?

We have a fixed shipping cost of SEK 250 excl. VAT, regardless of how much you shop (applies to normal transport within Sweden with DHL).