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About us

In the summer of 2018, I was visited by one of our colleagues in the clothing industry here in Sweden.

I wanted to shop summer and autumn collection and quickly. My shop in Lavendelblå villavillerkulla was a success in Österlen and I needed replenishment. A very nice sales agent came to visit me and we feasted together on all the nice styles. I chose lots and was promised fast delivery. And I got that. But I received only 10% of everything I had ordered. The rest were sold out or on hold for several months.

We at Reunion have been working as wholesalers in interior design for 20 years and I remember thinking; no, this doesn't work. I have a thriving business and I'm not getting any deliveries because everything is sold out. I can do this better myself, I thought. And on that road it is. We at Reunion have more than 20 years of experience in production, material selection, delivery security and financial stability. Our customers have great confidence in us doing our best and that is enough for us.

Now - we are going 100% into the digital world. The pandemic years taught us, among other things, that we don't need the big fairs to survive. We've talked to you out there and we realize that what you really want is fun news often, good material choices and delivery security. Three important values-based points on which we continue to build our business.

HERE - in this webshop - Reunion b2b - you will find what you long for. It's easy to shop around the clock. The styles we show are in stock. They are always only available in limited editions, we do not mass produce anything. When you have placed your order, you can be sure that we pack and ship quickly so that you can plan your sales success. Just the way we ourselves wanted it from the very beginning. Trust, credibility and quality. Immediately.

We at Reunion take care of the whole. We produce our own models, we handpick the funniest and best we can find down in Italy, we keep good prices for fine qualities and we deliver safely and quickly. And we have more than 500 very satisfied customers, mainly in Scandinavia. Do you know how overjoyed we are for that? Thank you so much for thinking it's as much fun as we do to sell one size styles in linen, cotton and viscose. We dare say that we are among the largest in linen clothing for women in Scandinavia.

The reunion woman is amazing. She stands firmly and confidently with her straight, proud figure. She has no age. She is both strong and weak and she is beautiful like few. She doesn't care a bit about the fashion industry, but she demands fun and good cuts and cuts and materials. She thinks one step further and buys clothes that she can reuse for many seasons to come. She mixes and matches beyond all limits and she is at her happiest when she gets to put on a soft, well-used linen dress on top of a pair of thick tights. She naturally puts on a pair of boots on her feet and she always has a big, nice sweater that warms her when the wind is cold.

Welcome to our world.

Maria Engström, founder, CEO and producer.