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I have decided. I intend to do everything I can for the world to be balanced again. But… I'm not going to let the media's insane deluge of information about...

I have decided. I intend to do everything I can for the world to be balanced again. But… I'm not going to let the media's insane deluge of information about confused, underperforming politicians and insane rulers take over my everyday life, my life. We only have one life and that is NOW. I'm not going to accept that the chaos of the world should drag us down. It doesn't help anyone. Positive, hopeful strong people pull the world forward. And a smile can make your whole day.

So parallel to working with what I love, I have celebrated my beloved ZOE with cake on her 2nd birthday. And I have been the electrical police in my company. If we can save electricity, we will. The motto in my life is CAN you SHOULD. And it's not always about fooling around and inventing tricks. It's just as much about taking care of the world, life, friends and the everyday life we ​​actually live in here and now.

So now old fridges and freezers have had to be retired. Unnecessary coolers are closed. The heat is planned for open days. The hot water is managed. Away with hair dryers, dryers, convenient stupid luxury machines. My own laundry is washed in two machines per week. Same with the dishwasher. Twice a week. No running water. The hot tub is turned off. Gone are the warm morning baths and replaced with short but warm showers. And you know, it feels so good! If we could stop traveling overnight in the pandemic, we can stop wasting energy overnight too. I feel scrubbed both inside and out, clean and shiny like I've been to a hammam.

In Italy it is still warm and nice. No heat on. And no air conditioning. I feast on local fruits and vegetables - well, autumn's generous love of cultivation... it gives life to everything that moves! The vineyards begin to be harvested, people are happy. I see the old man in the woods to check on the game. Up here in the mountains of Tuscany, you eat what's around the knot. I call it roadkill (you know, I eat almost no meat) but I have 100% understanding that you eat what needs to be thinned out and that includes wild boar, hares, rabbits, deer. But also figs, grapes, artichokes, carrots, garlic, onions, kale, nectarines, plums - you get the idea, I'm in heaven! Autumn is mine.

My friends the producers down here are in full swing with a new collection of our soulsister collections. It's extra exciting to be here right now because so many new fabrics have arrived. My only problem is that it's hard to choose. I really want to use everything beautiful at once. The difficulty is choosing. And at the same time, I'm so grateful to be able to keep production going down here. So many factories and laundries have had to close after the pandemic. There is a lack of labor because many guest workers went home and have not returned. And gas prices have completely lost it. Just like here in Sweden, operating costs are the major expenses and many producers do not fix it. Now we have fantastic customers, friends, guests - YOU! - who like what we do and who take to heart our philosophy of helping each other, so we're booming. Our work pays 24 people in Sweden every month. But that is not enough. Our work supports many many people in Italy as well. All Laundries/Dye Shops, Seamstresses (Both Male & Female), Finishing, Transport, Owners and many more. We are a big Reunion family now and I am so damn grateful for all of you! Your commitment is woven into the fabrics and the gratitude of Italy is lovingly packaged with these beautiful creations produced by amazing people. Nothing is mass produced, everything is produced by the hands and thoughts of warm people in Europe. Together we are strong and driven forward by hope and love.

Warm hugs from me in Italy for a few days.


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