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No one has been able to escape the fact that we have started a lot of changes in our wonderful company Reunion. My trip has been long and fun and...

No one has been able to escape the fact that we have started a lot of changes in our wonderful company Reunion.

My trip has been long and fun and "restaurants" like a hell of a Tivoli! Next year the company celebrates 20 years! Do you think we should celebrate or?? Eh deeeet we are going. Proper!

The last four years have been so fast for us in the Reunion team that we can hardly refer to what happened and when. The terrible pandemic years put many in a bind, while I made a decision that no staff would have to leave us or feel insecure in their workplace. I bet every penny on buying home goods and opening up more days a week. Everything to secure the staff's jobs. We opened a store in Malmö because there was nowhere where our brand was represented.

We decided that the web shop would be our future largest store and rented offices and hired a whole new web team for that development. In short, our strategy was all about one thing: We only back when we bet! I think you all have felt that energy! We – the entire Reunion team are really good at facing adversity and tackling difficulties and finding creative solutions along the way. The bottom line is that we are now at our 20th anniversary! Bigger and stronger than ever!

I have spent this year setting out the next 10 years for my fine company. The ambition is not to grow, the ambition is to follow the development and to create a modern company that adapts what is required for us to have a future ahead. This year has had its crises with war in Europe, the pandemic is not over, skyrocketing cost increases and a recession that hasn't quite decided whether it will come or not. It's breathing down our necks.

We are triggered by development. And if it's something that's exciting enough, then it's good to get through crises and disasters and try to keep your eyes clear on the light. Trust me, we do.

What you see right now with us are quite simple means of making movements towards a sustainable future.

We gather in our nice premises at Reuniongården in Österlen and close our warehouse and our outlet in Borrby. We are moving Reunion Outlet into Reuniongården's vacant, beautiful premises. What a delicious outlet store we are building! And it has its own cafe! And you, we will have all the shops and cafes at Reuniongården open all year round, at least 5 days a week. During peak season EVERY DAY! We love to keep the countryside alive and we do that with the help of you, our regular customers and an active life on social media; facebook and instagram.

Reunion's large web warehouse closes in Borrby and is moved to Malmö. There we gather the entire web gang in one and the same place. All of a sudden it becomes a whole organization that sits together and has the goods at arm's length. Then suddenly the world opens up for them! Communication becomes easier, faster and much, much more fun. Already in the autumn, the online shop is planned to be launched in Europe as well. Thanks to the gang being united in the same place, big decisions are made easier and faster. THAT is development.

The Reunion MALMÖ store will be closed on 1/9 and instead we will build a modern shoproom for our entire online range. This decision was easy to make, partly due to the fact that the store in Malmö was the victim of a robbery on 28/12 last year and I do not want to expose my staff to this if we can avoid it. We simply transform the store into a shoproom with more concentrated opening hours, where all employees sit together and give each other security - the more you are, the stronger you are. 

The Reunion outlet in Malmö continues to pop up EVERY THURSDAY from September. No changes there. Cool find at at least half the price!

And finally, our fine brand is represented in several countries by dedicated, skilled dealers.

We have taken the big step of entering all sales into our own åf webshop. This means that we no longer have traditional salespeople who go around to our customers and show the collections. We are also not at the trade fairs this season. Everything happens online. Our collections are so quick and short that traveling around or showing at the fairs becomes an outdated way of working. It quickly becomes OLD NEWS in the display collections because we receive news every week. Nowadays, we work with newsletters, LIVE broadcasts and virtual meetings. And oboe, what a difference! Faster decisions, we reach more people, we have happier customers who sell better with news delivered to them EVERY week. In short, a great fun and really good change that is also brave and long-term. Is our organization and the world ready for such big steps? Yes, we are sure of it! We already see it!

So, if you think we have a bit of a mess right now, remember that we are working for a sustainable future for all staff, for our brand, for our desire and for your energy! We meet the new times in our own way - we invest! 

With love and pippikrafter etc.


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