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I was on my knees painting the floor. The mind was spinning. The heart danced. Suddenly I heard piano music. The beautiful music crept meandering up the stairs to where...

I was on my knees painting the floor. The mind was spinning. The heart danced. Suddenly I heard piano music. The beautiful music crept meandering up the stairs to where I was painting as if I needed to be convinced that I had made the right decision. I rested my mind on the distant tones of the grand piano and painted the old floorboards with an eggshell color in my lavender blue bedroom. A room in a house that would change my life forever. I had moved into the lavender blue villa Villerkulla.
Many many of you came to visit. And I could see the transformation in you when you stepped inside the door. When you stopped, looked up at the lavender blue roofs and let your eyes play over the large open lavender blue spaces transformed into a place in the land of dreams. The environment, so disarming, so loving, so warm, so absolutely crazy. And should it turn out… so tempting…
Oh, what was talked about. Who was she who moved into a 700 square meter lavender blue house? Or house and house…. My dear friend Rolf Jolom's imaginative creation of an old farm in the middle of Gärsnäs into an art gallery that displayed art and housed dance and music performances. Which embraced both weddings and funerals and hundreds of openings.
A normal person would probably interrupt the floor painting and go down and out into the huge halls and find out who played so beautifully. But I didn't want to break the spell. The house spoke. She assured me that here, here you will find peace. Here, let your imagination and your power transform space. Here you turn off your circus brain in the evenings after hard work. And someone had obviously entered the house through the open doors from the garden and found the grand piano. And sat down to play. In my world, it is the most beautiful gift. To experience the song of the heart. I have probably never been so warmly received anywhere as right here in the lavender blue villa Villerkulla.

When I now in the middle of the night - almost 7 years later - look at the pictures that appeared in my feed, it almost feels unreal a long time ago. I wonder where I got the power from. How the ideas were born from my hands during the journey. How I alone filled 700 square meters with environments, thoughts, dreams and a cafe in just under three weeks. I also carried a great heartbreak – a nice, funny, mischievous, messy love story that had to end due to complicated circumstances. Perhaps it was the power of the heartfelt love that I was fortunate enough to experience after all that spoke through my hands? I was endlessly grateful that I had the power to transform tears into loving environments in my paradise on Österlen.

The rest is history as they say. My company is celebrating 20 years now in the hooks. In 2003, Reunion was born. Then I sat on the toilet in an outdoor bathroom in a delicious hide away in Thailand. The banana leaves shaded me from the sun and I totally lost myself in the beautiful environment. The faucet on the sink was shaped like an ant. When I finished - it was probably my longest visit to the toilet ever - I ran out with a pounding heart. My company was born. And it would be called Reunion.

The time for creation is here. It's time to conjure up the 2023 collections out of your hands. My mind is sensitive and wide open to impressions. Days flow into nights. Hours, minutes, seconds are unimportant. The impressions from the universe and the highlight of the day, a smile at Ica, are mixed with a desire for freedom, independence, colors that blur like in a watercolor painting and a warm love to hold in your hand.

What will become of this I do not know yet. But it will be. And it will be dreamy and absolutely wonderful.

With love m.


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