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I've had a day off after nearly collapsing in the heat in the factories yesterday. I never thought I would stop sweating when I took shelter indoors at a tavern...

I've had a day off after nearly collapsing in the heat in the factories yesterday. I never thought I would stop sweating when I took shelter indoors at a tavern along the way to a new supplier.
It turned out to be as hot as a baking oven. My brain shut down and the sweat flowed like an open faucet. As in shock. My heart was pounding in my chest and the only thing I could think about was not to panic.
Passing out then and there wouldn't have made anything easier. I made the decision to call it quits for the day then and there and sat in the car whose air conditioning was absolutely unable to cope with the oppressive heat.
Finally, I felt clear enough in my head that I could turn the car back up the hills. My target image was the pool. And it became the evening's best friend.

I've noticed especially on linkedin that many many write about how the holidays can be so exhausting that they can't bear to go back to work. Every other post is about rest, recovery, vacation, time for yourself, brain fatigue. This reconnaissance scares me immensely. What kind of lives are we living that don't let our brains rest on vacation? Why on earth should balcony railings and terraces be built and houses painted and windows scraped on holiday? It's time to start rethinking how we live our lives.

I did a complete turnaround with my house purchase in Italy. I work here one week a month. With ONE thing. I produce clothes. Yeah, ok, I pay bills and talk to my employees and do some writing.
But my main task is to buy in what pays 23 Reunion pipol's salaries every month. When I'm done in the factories, I do things that fill me up. Walking up hill and down hill. Cooking food. Reading. Swimming twice a day. Sometimes 100 meters sometimes 500 m. It is not important to count the lengths. The most important thing is to do something that makes me feel good and that gives my brain a rest. I sleep midday. I eat colorful food, mostly vegetarian, home-cooked - even though I live alone. I don't set an alarm clock. The factories are open until 9 p.m. in the evening. I'll leave when I'm done. Sometimes at 9 o'clock sometimes at 12 o'clock.
Without the week in Italy, I would not have held together to run and manage this great company that we are becoming. Without replenishment and brain rest, we run out.
Can't you promise me one thing? Book a holiday without window scraping, discount clearing and moving help for a friend. Promise me to say no thanks to the family when they pull you and want things you really can't handle.
EVERYONE has a vacation, even YOU.

I have a few days left in my beloved Italy, but because of the heat I am now working remotely with the factories. It is not possible to expose oneself to thermal collapse without it leaving deep traces. And you, I've decided to take the whole weekend off. I can't even remember the last time that happened. FREE. Flying home on Monday, fresh and happy without having had a holiday. I just changed my life. Easy. NO. Necessary. YES.

Warm hugs etc.


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