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I read an article last week about what happens in the body when you snooze after waking up in the morning. Because every time you press the snooze button and...

I read an article last week about what happens in the body when you snooze after waking up in the morning. Because every time you press the snooze button and fall asleep again, the body starts a new sleep cycle that normally lasts 75 minutes. I normally snooze maybe three times before I wake up and get up or the dogs do. Malte wakes me up with a big lick on the face or Zoe, a sharp Russian paw in the newbie…… Meeen, this sleep scientist says it can take up to four hours to wake up after snoozing! Getting up the first time the clock rings makes you more alert. So now I'm trying it for just under a week. This has meant that on a couple of occasions I have woken up before ringing. Then I've turned on the light (the dogs have blinked awake as they lie in my bed and wonder what on earth I'm doing... way too soon) and instead lie down and wake up slowly in the nice warmth sandwiched between Malte and Zoe like a basket in bread.

The weekend has been fantastic. The bank exhibition in Malmö set the brain and creativity in motion. I'm going to get a lot better at that, going to exhibitions and the theatre. As I have missed it in recent years. I really recommend you go see it. You order tickets online at, for example, Julius Biljettservice. Then it was a fun and downright exciting round of pubs and bars in an OTTO-stormy Malmö. But hey, who gives up. We walked from Banksy to Möllan for food and wine and then we had a strong tailwind all the way to Julie in Gamla Väster and finally we plunged between overcrowded canal bridges into a bar near Malmö live. The whole of Malmö is buzzing and it's full everywhere. So incredibly fun to experience. No crisis in the pub world on a Friday night anyway. It makes my entrepreneurial heart very happy.
Sunday was spent with all your orders and planning the next trip to Italy. You can tell that spring is approaching on all linen orders! We are under so much pressure right now that some models have sold out in a week and have to be produced again and quickly!

During the weekend, I also thought about our new menu in the café. We are heading towards a new wonderful season and of course we will invite you to dance with news in the way!
I was very inspired by the talented food creators at Scandwich by Möllan. They make insanely large, delicious sandwiches that leave nothing to chance. We'll see what we can do the Reunion way.

I think we will invite you to the new menu in 2-3 weeks, does that sound like a plan? And NO, we are NOT removing the shrimp sandwich… but it might get a make over…
The entrepreneurial brain never rests and now more than ever it is important that we LIVE while we can! We have the chance to make every day an adventure. My old copy teacher at RMI Berghs in Stockholm, Bengt, has written a book about how we always have 53 problems. Constant. So there is no point in thinking that you solve all the problems and then everything is peace. You always have these 53 problems. Some smaller some larger. So relax, let the problems slosh between your pleasure-boosting highs and they'll subside for a moment as you decide to choose each day and make it the best of your life.

Today I pick up the dogs again and then my color palette will be complete. We're going to take a trip to the vet in Bollerup and then we're going to pack linen dresses for the whole penny. And plan for the coming weekend's coziness at Reunion Farm. I'm thinking of a BIG HOLIDAY WEEKEND and fun happenings - we have to celebrate that we got a lot of new things home now that the sun is shining between the stormy villages. Book your SEMLA! It is the penultimate weekend we serve MARIAsemlor for this year. I will roast the almonds with extreme love for the weekend. There will be many buns to sprinkle. See you at Reunion Farm this weekend among cream and love. Come come!
PS. Check out our new website for Reuniongården www.reuniongå - there you will find all our planned events - don't miss our hot customer evening with fashion show on 10/3 - you can find more information on the new website under EVENTS. Also, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter.
With love m. ❤️


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