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My life 3.0

When is the time the right to settle on the operating table for an entrepreneur? My operator smiled at me as we sat and planned for type three months ago....

When is the time the right to settle on the operating table for an entrepreneur?
My operator smiled at me as we sat and planned for type three months ago. When? He asked. I started to list ... first Christmas with all the trade and Reuniongården open every day, then all the fairs, then a big birthday, then grandchildren ... mmm ... I said we try to change the knee change between the 60th anniversary and Bill's arrival.
Suitable for me, he said. I am here in Malmö week 7.
Then he looked at me and said fine - you, eh, how should I formulate ... my experience is that it is precisely entrepreneurs who are raging in bed and need the rest most. You can scrap that minute planning after surgery.
You if someone needs recovery and you automatically get it when you learn to go smoothly again.
It's not a quickfix if you want to be perfectly good. 
Okidoki I thought, then I can take the opportunity to write the book.
Hahaha you hear ... am I a hopeless case? Everyone who knows me knows that it is when I am free more than 24 hours that I find the sketchbook and start creating new business ideas, sketch new Styles, think about the next renovation object.
I do not need to rush away physically, but the brain gets oxygen from rest and there are many small prongs in there that hide small secrets and untested concepts.
Just in the last day, we have received many new customers and retailers. It gives me such joy in my body that our sick hard work gives results, that you have found us pippy people at Reunion and that you like what we do.
Times are weird and you don't need much. But we know that you need life, joy, giggle, longing, nice moments, a beautiful dress, a good laugh, warm hugs, a surprise every now and then and a hearty bowl of pasta limone. We weave in all the emotions and dreams and all the longing into the fabrics. The combinations are endless, but it is possible to eat a large pile of cinnamon buns in every blouse, trousers and sweaty stass.
I am so groomed here at the Capio Ortho Center in Malmö.
Do you want something to drink Mary? Do you want a cola zero? Happhapphapp which thought readers! Do you want something sweet? Do you want a sandwich with cheese? Do you want a chili ride with guacamole? More bubble water? Talk about fine dining.
With extra twist. They pick up my stuff. They understand that I need to open the computer. In return, I am in debt of gratitude hahah - I am being chased to stand, walk, train small small rehab exercises and go to the toilet myself. Being serviced has its price. The highest profit if you ask me. The goal of wandering up and down the slopes without pain is merging. To go long walk with coffee with all the sausages. Sleeping under the stars and being able to make jumping steps when you place your orders!
My life 3.0 will continue to be a dance without having the white jar with painkillers in your pocket.
I sound calm now but I wasn't this morning. I had to change, got a fun pilla and after only ten minutes I became a surgery preparation. The fact that was desired to be operated as soon as possible in week 7 had been taken seriously. At OP, a male nurse took care of me. So responsive to my nausea, my concern for the fainting feelings, my fear of the back anesthesia. You understand, we people with control needs absolutely do not think it will work on me ... sigh ... and no matter how much I tried to get a promise to get the whole "trip" this kind nice man could not promise me it. I will try to knock you he smiled, but there is a risk that you will wake up. You will not feel anything but there is quite loud noises in the operating room ... Hahaha what do you think my brain span on there ???? And he was right, he knocked me but I woke up just before they were ready for the tones of a type of stapler.
It was the most natural thing in the world to pave my leg. I had a fun pill. 80 minutes I also heard someone mention. Then I slept again. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Never wanted to wake up. And when I woke up, the crutches stood in front of me - now we'll teach you to go with crutches! And on that road it is. An experience to add my fine events in recent months; Christmas Eve surprise, New Year's Eve bus, so much wonderfully fun work, a magical Italy trip, 60-year-old at the castle and a couple of home lids-all accompanied by Bill arriveing ​​just at any time. I may be the limest future grandmother, but definitely the busiest and happiest.
PS 1. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Never ever. 
PS 2. Remind me; A little training often. A little evil is good. Then you take it piano piano.
PS 3. How nice with Ole Henriksensboost Moisturizer afterwards? Dipped the whole face in the can. The hands smell of lemon cream.
PS 4. I really have to be the only one who gets blank fine hair from washing myself with a dehydrating descutan sponge! Three times!
Aja. My life is under the planet Uranus. Chaos and balance in every breath.
Amore m.


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