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My Italian Summerhouse

Hallelujah! For every rainy dark day that passes, we get one day closer to the light and warmth again. The last few weeks I have alternately shut myself up with...

Hallelujah! For every rainy dark day that passes, we get one day closer to the light and warmth again.
The last few weeks I have alternately shut myself up with sketches, fabric samples, samples of new styles and planning to launch a brand new brand - Soulsisters the brand - and alternately winter cleaned the farm, baked, planned Christmas shopping, talked to new additions to the workforce and finished planning SPRING !
The creative bubble has occasionally spit me out for a while, out into reality as I have a big business to take care of and can't just treat myself to burying myself in beautiful fabrics and drawing news... but oh so nice it's in there in the warm , curious, permissive creative geggamojjan.
The whole business is running smoothly and we are working in our similar clusters. Reunion Malmö, which is now 100% web-based, is already outgrowing its premises at full speed, so now we have 100% attention on finding a dreamy warehouse where we can also have a photo studio, a creative IT office with space for 10 pax and perhaps even a shop that can be open one or a couple of days a week. The creative team for is also creating two more webshops that will see the light of day after the turn of the year. More information on that to come.

During the time that we have never packed so many web orders ever in our long web history, we are planning at Reuniongården what the business will look like after New Year's Eve. Every year during the late winter, we always build new environments, come up with new menus and a completely new assortment rattles in after the trade fairs with emphasis on Formex, the Paris fair and the spring fair in Delhi. Our new environments on the farm will be based on my image of "the Italian summerhouse". Think pleasant outdoor environments, beautiful home textiles, sweeping long fluttering draperies in the wind, lemon trees, beautiful garden tools and pots and of course lots of scents that enhance the feeling of rosemary, citrus, cedar and lavender. Do you feel, do you see, how we all cozy up in Österlen with nice cool airy linen dresses, trousers and big wide white linen shirts? I don't think I've ever longed for spring as much as I do now.

We are of course exhibiting our new beautiful sweeping Reunion collection at Formex in Stockholm in mid-January. And in addition, we are launching a new brand; Soulsisters the brand. Lovely fabrics, beautiful styles and we focus on a greater spread in terms of size. You'll get a sneak peek very very soon…

Until everything falls into place, we clear our warehouses and sell out of outgoing collections and focus on the fun Christmas shopping. It's much more fun to buy Christmas presents when the sale starts before Christmas than after, right? That's how we've always done it, so why change a winning horse?

In just a few days we will be able to show and tell more of what we are talking about. We have some really fun photo shoots planned so we're going crazy waiting for the deliveries. For us, this time every year is pure Christmas Eve, several times a week.

Enjoy the hours, the days. Life is now.

Warm hugs, m.


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