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Have you fallen asleep? She asked. Then we laughed for several minutes! I treated myself to a two-hour Thai massage after I was done with the fair stand here in...

Have you fallen asleep? She asked. Then we laughed for several minutes!

I treated myself to a two-hour Thai massage after I was done with the fair stand here in Stockholm. Fair life is not a bed of roses. I don't know in which order we are participating, but it must be at least the 30th Formex fair for us. Cold fair halls, commotion and sharp noises. Someone smokes, someone has a "unique" taste in music... someone glares sourly hahaha and someone is there for the first time and is extremely cheerful and happy and walks around introducing themselves to their booth neighbors. There are all kinds. After spending two days building and painting and nailing and gluing and thinking and creating. Then you need food and a massage. End of discussion. And there it was, the massage I longed for, opposite my hotel (hotel Hellsten).

Why we laughed? Because she was literally crushing me for two hours. I am patient. Very durable. But when it crosses the line that you risk vomiting, then I mutter cautiously. And then she just said… a little bit more… and so it went on for two hours. The laughter was redemptive and gave a hell of a power. Shit, I suddenly felt strong as shit!

Exhibition. Again. The fairs are shrinking. And they shrink drastically. And everyone who exhibits says every time, this will be our last fair. There are no people here. And next time some will come but not others.

I think that if you want to market your company, your brand, you need to be seen. Gone are the days when orders for millions were taken at the fair. People were queuing up. People were asked to go for a walk and come back. They waited for NK and Åhléns to arrive. What times! I think I had most of the most active stores in Sweden as a retailer. You know with the decor from Morocco, India and Bali. My scented candles and fragrances. And now we enter the 7th season with our Italian linen clothes and our personal slow fashion. The largest collection ever and probably Scandinavia's largest range. And it's all about having fun. To communicate life. To tell you that we build our company on desire and damn embrace. On courage and Pippikrafter. And of love and longing.

Today, the fair is a quarter of what it was a few years ago. And I think that those who still decided to run here have muscles and endurance. They have faith in the future and they know that we must learn to rethink and follow the times with all the technology and change. But at the same time never ever forget the heart and that it has to be fun otherwise it's not fun at all...

Tomorrow is the time. Then we combed the side legs and filed the feet and ironed the dresses and put on lipstick and the best perfume. Said with a twinkle in our eye... we are loaded and eager to start the summer season in 2024.

You can find the entire collection under FLOWER QUEEN COLLECTION and of course at Reuniongården in Österlen. In a while also at our fantastic dealers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Wish us luck! Love m.


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