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I laugh a lot…

I'm laughing… it's the height of summer and some of our key people are on holiday. Nevertheless, we have more momentum in the business than ever. My web team Reunion...

I'm laughing… it's the height of summer and some of our key people are on holiday. Nevertheless, we have more momentum in the business than ever. My web team Reunion FUTURE CHASES me so we can make important decisions quickly quickly. Nobody wants to wait. It is NOW that counts. And of course they got that from me. 

I've learned the hard way. The world could crash tomorrow. Life can be turned upside down in a minute. The entire pandemic period and now the war-interest rate-electricity shock period is one long transport distance to just continue on the path you decided. Preferably running... And I decided almost three years ago that we will get out of all these crises and disasters. With us at Reunion, you should ALWAYS be able to rest, cozy up, eat, shop, be inspired and get a respite from the outside world. We must always be an OAS in existence. Both for our customers and for ourselves. Our jobs should be fun, changeable, different, demanding, learning, longing and enviable.

But damn it - behind the scenes, in the evenings, at night - on my sofa with the million dollar view over the fields in front of my eyes - I can also hyperventilate a little because things are not only flowing, but there is going to be a certain amount of trouble. I have a black belt in dealing with hassles. Yet. It takes a toll on EVERYONE. The complicated worldview in large and small ways. 

It is not entirely easy to tell about everything that goes on behind the scenes in this lively and wonderful company. But at the same time as it brings in news, at the same time as we plan for new collections, clearer structure and better premises and smoother systems and more employees, we get funny requests. Everything from wanting to use me in large campaigns as an influencer (large clothing company - among other things) to secret requests about both.

I can say with my hand on my heart that nothing makes me happier than that I now have my son ALBERT with me on the boat. We are a great team. Both have the same energy, I'm the experienced one, he's the philanthropist turned commercial in one leg who challenges us all with new technology and bold ideas. He also doesn't sleep much - he has inherited my tinnitus and it keeps us both up at night. Sometimes it's good, like when the alarm goes off in Malmö at half past two in the morning. Then I know he is awake and can go away and check the situation. But above all, we really want to push our Reunion forward in the new era - we cruise together between rough and tumble and (mostly) love the challenges that this entails.

We have challenged ourselves properly and are building a new sales and trading structure where we cancel our participation in all old traditional fairs and instead invest in a combination of the best and simplest technology (two online shops) and a warm friendly personal appearance in contact with our customers. We can never replace the human power to spread joy and well-being, but for us technology is still here to take us forward. It should be easy to shop with us when you cannot meet us in person in one of our stores. The online shops should function like an extended arm that is stretched out - you should be able to recognize yourself and enjoy the tone, the look, the ease of shopping and get the help you need. This is a great challenge and our path is already successful considering the statistics reported every day. 

Summer continues for 41 more long glorious days. And when it ends in September, well then we've started designing next year's summer collection. Autumn is ready and given that autumn is my favorite, the autumn soulsister collection will be very, very special. You can find it HERE!

Also, don't miss our SALE part 2, which we posted today on the web and hung up in the stores. Lots of linen pants, dresses, jeans and tops at 50% off! You can find SALE here!

So, in hindsight, being chased by the web team is probably the least hassle in my life and I can count myself lucky to have such fine, dedicated employees as we have at Reunion. In 10 days I'll be back in Italy, but that's a completely different story.

With love m.


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