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My team says I need to tell more about what's going on with us and in my life. And I answer every time; help how to find the words?? When...

My team says I need to tell more about what's going on with us and in my life. And I answer every time; help how to find the words??
When life spins as fast as it does right now, the words don't catch up with me or vice versa. I chase them but they escape. There are so many funny, weird, wonderful stories that pile up in my head during the days and I think THAT, that's what I'm going to tell you.
But then the evening comes at express speed and life lands in a pillow with three furry furs under each arm. Then we snore in a race. And when I don't have these beloved dogs with me (shared custody is the worst idea of ​​my life) I live life a little incognito, under the radar of everyone's eyes, enjoying every minute.

Today, in any case, we have kicked off the spring and summer 2023 season. The web team has made plans for all deliveries, photo shoots, screenings, LIVEs and styling assignments.
At the same time, they have added a new feature to our website; a chat! Oh how you seem to like it! Two hours a day now at the start you chat with Josefin and Shilla about questions about your orders, requests and opinions. We are so incredibly grateful for your contact, believe me! It helps us enormously in the work of creating a website that suits you the very best.

I myself am busy juggling my fifty-three thousand point list and checking off as soon as I can. Among other things, I build new environments at Reunion Farm. New deliveries have poured in, but nothing seems to pack itself up and now that the new season starts, we have to redo the store so it feels like spring has knocked and installed itself. I believe and hope that you will feel spring on Friday when we open the gates again.

Some of you have asked why we are only open Friday-Sunday right now.
During the pandemic, we opened on Wednesdays and Thursdays also during the winter, but now we have, temporarily at least, gone back to the quieter seasonal pace for a couple of months. We would like to maximize our presence when we are open and it will be so good to stay open Friday-Sunday for all staff who also do other things in the company; Viveka takes care of all our bookkeeping in addition to being a star in the store and cafe. Sabina is responsible for our customer service and our wholesale warehouse in Borrby, in addition to being a wonderful employee in the store and café. Our strength is that all employees (we are 14-24 pipol depending on the season) can do almost everything. What stars - I'm so proud of them all.

In recent months we have created a new brand to complement Reunion; Soulsisters the brand. Time flies and this week we present collection no. 2 (drop no. 2) from Soulsisters. Nothing ever gets annoying here. Always new pranks, lots of mischief and a nice circus feeling when the mischievous little sister of cool, kind, independent Reunion enters the room! Those of you who are curious can sit down in front of our LIVE on Thursday at 7 p.m., then we will present all the fantastic Soulsisters news.

My job is very much about being a circus director and at the same time performing a number of circus acts in parallel, where I juggle design and production, deliveries, purchasing every gadget and cheese and machine, financial planning, personnel care, property management and order in both Sweden and Italy. Sometimes the head spins on itself and if I let go it almost spins off. But then I take a long hot bath and sometimes I get my forehead bathed and am served a good loving dinner and then life lands again in a balanced way. Life is now. Like that… a few words bubbled up anyway… Will tell more later this week…
love m.


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