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I lay down in the thick down cushions inside the kittens. I end up in a sea of ​​fluff and cool linen sheets sheltered from the strong sun and wild...

I lay down in the thick down cushions inside the kittens. I end up in a sea of ​​fluff and cool linen sheets sheltered from the strong sun and wild winds. I'm closing my eyes. My little newly arrived kittens lie on one of the pillows and sleep midday. We are getting to know each other. I'll let it take time. Just like I do with people. It must take time. No one wants to be thrown overboard. At least myself.

After a minute or so, I hear small pawing steps approaching. A quiet purr and I feel small warm breaths against my nose. I keep closing my eyes. I feel it's SHE. She the brave, curious, trusting little one. She starts to lick my nose with her little rough tongue. I smile quietly. I don't want to disturb her in her eagerness to get to know her human. She continues with the rough tongue up to the eye, the eyelashes, down to the nose again. Bites my nose very gently. You have to try it. Then she crawls into my arms, into my cupped hand and lies down. She continues to examine my fingers. The love in my body, you can't hear it. But the heartbeat increases. And my smile is warm and infinitely grateful.

I needed her presence. She eased a difficult night after yesterday's experience at Reunion Farm. A dear customer became acutely ill and we had to call an ambulance. You feel so inadequate when someone feels so bad and you can't relieve more than being present and arranging everything practical.

Then cat and dog love is the best recipe.

I dreamed last night about my deceased dog - ALVA - since last week. I woke up thinking she was lying next to me. That it was all just a bad dream. The blanket next to me was shaped like her little soft warm body there in the dark. But it wasn't the Elf. Then I disappeared into even more horrible dreams. The body and mind needed to shake off the traumatic experience of the day. In the middle of the night I got up – walked around the house – listened to the wind wrap around the house and kind of spin my world back on track. I drank water, listened for the cats to sleep and then went back to bed.

My first thought when I woke up was gratitude. That I live. That my loved ones are fine. That I do everything so that we can live a nice life full of love and warmth and security. You never know when you yourself end up in the same situation as the lady who got sick. We owe it to ourselves and our children to take advantage of the seconds, minutes, hours, days. And our loved ones. To live NOW. Don't forget that you are the best version of you. The most beautiful, wisest, warmest, kindest. YOU.

As the newly arrived little kittens have not yet been named, it would be extra fun if you would like to give your best suggestions.
We are therefore announcing a naming competition, where the best name suggestion wins SEK 1,000 in gift cards.

We appreciate all responses, and look forward to selecting a winner and naming our new Reunion members!

Send your answer to

The competition runs until Friday 16/6 and the winner will be announced on Instagram Monday 19/6

Love m.


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