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A holiday & pasta limone

I never needed so little and got so much.  During the last few weeks that I describe as being stuck in my private prison, with sharply reduced mobility, there has...

I never needed so little and got so much. 

During the last few weeks that I describe as being stuck in my private prison, with sharply reduced mobility, there has been no most important thing in life. The love of my people makes me really soft.


My little family has been living here in the yard for a few weeks. They have given birth to children, Bill, my beloved little grandson. We help to cook and the dinners we eat together are the best of my life. Being able to have the family close when it really matters is the biggest profit of my life. 

Yesterday Abbe came in with a giant bag of cheeses and biscuit chocolate. Here's mom, so you can do when we are in Malmö over the weekend. Just like that ... When someone knows that all that, he gets to help me munch on, but only the knowledge to have the cabinets full of goodies is the gold of life when you are as I am a little limited. You are never so hungry for cold biscuit chocolate when it really is not at home ...


Viveca always bakes some extra wheat buns every morning before spreading the bran. She knows that just these loving warm gold nuggets calm both my medicinal stomach and heal my restless soul. I have no hunger for several weeks so my loved ones are extra careful to make sure I have goodies at hand in case I would be craving something. So much love in all these actions.


My physiotherapist, Ulf, realized yesterday that this person needs to get out of his cave if we are to keep her on the globe. He gave the result of my daily rehab training approved, measured my progress, comforted, calmed down and picked up an ace out of the rock sleeve. In two weeks, when we see you again, I book you at a gym with group training. You can choose to work out four times a day, every day, he said, writing down on a coming-heap. I just stared. There is really a life after this trapped. He made my day. 

My big great life has been decimated to my little little life for a few weeks, months. But my senses record, note, rejoice over the people near me. They fill me with hope, love and deep gratitude. 


So prepared I was on this spring's cross stop with a new knee, so I still could not understand the meaning of just one. 

Now, together with friends, employees and family, I have tangled myself through just over three weeks and I have never needed so little and value so much.

A nice linen shirt, my Italian tomato candle, my dogs, a hot shower, a beautiful cup with my morning coffee. Firewood. Fire. The view of the fields. A pair of nice old jeans. The piles of books and notebooks. The music, the playlists from a friend. The calls. The flowers in a never -ending stream. The email from the golf club. My miss. My cheese time with the dogs. Crispy sheets in newly bedded bed. A large warm sweater. A hug. A leg that heals and that takes developing seven -time steps when I am most abandoned and lack the forest. 


We don't need much. But what we still get should be filled with laughter and bus and longing. It should fill the days with life. My shirts will give me the feeling that nothing is impossible. My old jeans give me the strength to take I never dared. My boots lift my head and give me a curious look. Forward is what applies. 


Enjoy the weekend! We got a large delivery from our beautiful box pants yesterday. New colors, pink, black, navy and of course beige and taupe. Fill your tricks with a fun weekend! I'll do that. And a holiday and pasta limone. Let's see if I find an old lobster to ..🤭♥️ m.


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