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After a full day in the factories in over 30-degree heat and a very lucky one too, I drove home dead tired but satisfied. A couple of pieces of chocolate...

After a full day in the factories in over 30-degree heat and a very lucky one too, I drove home dead tired but satisfied. A couple of pieces of chocolate had to keep me company on the road. Friday night, everyone wanted to go home and cuddle with the family at sunset. There was a lot of traffic but unusually quiet for Italy on a Friday night.

I parked in my usual spot and repacked the car with all the samples so I don't have to do it tomorrow in blazing sunshine and 35 degrees. And then I sauntered up the hill and down the hill towards Jonnis Maramaldo. I petted the black cat who always seems to be waiting for me. All the neighbors sat outside in the beautiful evening and chatted and there was a lot of hello hello hello - Gianni, Julia, Jonni and everyone I had seen but not spoken to. Gianni introduced them to me quickly, complaining at the same time of his backache. Getting caught up in this buzz is like fast-forwarding an 80s reality show. You just stand and enjoy everything that happens at once. And laughing at the same time with joy, happiness, knowing these amazing people and the bubble that is mostly about gossip and ailments and careful questions to get to know me.

  • Maria! Have you bought any houses yet!!??? Gianni called after me.
  • NO! All of a sudden they weren't for sale Gianni! Can you help me I shouted back and stopped. He called his wife, Julia, and asked her if she had the number of JUMBO – a big guy who rents out his house below Jonnis. Suddenly a man full of paint joined our group and Gianni asked if he had the number for JUMBO. He said no, but my wife has and besides, she also rents apartments. - Call your wife, shouted Gianni, very pleased to be the center of attention, his eyes shining. Then suddenly a lovely wife (and a cool rental contractor, it turned out) was conjured up and she dragged me away, computer and all, and opened up her houses and apartments. All equally wonderful. House from the Middle Ages. With the view to die for. But please someone, my life is like a movie. How can you be such an obvious member of the village without even living here yet? I pinch my arm. Not forcing anything is the thing, I think. To peek under bangs and observe. My personality fits in here.

With my pockets full of phone numbers and suggestions for houses and shelters to rent until I find my house to buy, I giggled all the way to the square and the coffee guy, who doesn't just offer coffee I've discovered. A red drink was quickly conjured up. I asked for aperol but got campari. I mean red like red hahaha… also matched the napkin holder and my love for the village.

I know the house will come to me. I just have to be patient. The village is so special and so wonderful. Gianni asked if I could imagine living somewhere else. Er NO – only here! Lajatico is my home I said and everyone smiled proudly. Just Gianni! This little artistic village with so much life and love when you let it in and let everything take its time. Love is the answer to everything. The feel good movie continues. Another cappuccino please. Amore mio.


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