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I have 36 hours in Italy this week. I manage just as much as I need. Life at home in Österlen requires my presence for the rest of the week....

I have 36 hours in Italy this week. I manage just as much as I need. Life at home in Österlen requires my presence for the rest of the week.

We are in the process of refining and developing the heart of the company and stripping away everything we can outsource so we can get even closer to you, you wonderful people, who have been following us for more than 20 years. We develop production. We put a lot of resources into the ultra-modern technology that enables us to do what we do best; to fill our productions with content and heart and life.

Our concept is now and then copied outright by cheeky new producers. We shake ourselves off and continue our steady path forward. Copying a concept is dangerous to life according to the industry's e-commerce consultants. It is not an art to produce a lot of products. The art lies in filling the brand with credible content. To stand up for one's values. Living with your brand 24/7. To seriously get to know their customers. We still have customers who have followed us since I opened my first store in Malmö in 2005. And fantastic retailers who, just like us, stand for their brand and fill it with lovely content day after day, season after season. Year after year. We are so impressed. It is a great art (and insanely hard work) to be able to stay in the industry for so many years, with new exciting content that attracts both regular customers and new customers to discover and want to take part in our careful lifestyle choices.

My business is a lifestyle. And in the last few years, you have been able to accompany me through everything from great happiness and euphoria to tangling through black divorces and breakups.

I have shared joy and sorrow. Of wise thoughts and of madness. I weave my sometimes insanely exciting life into my productions and I fervently wish that there are many of you out there who have received daily encouragement to, just like me, get the strength to make your dreams come true. Or end crappy relationships. Or take the step to dare something you hesitated for a hundred years.

I fill each soft sweater with memories from my view on the stairs towards the sky at Österlen. I stuff every meter of linen with adventure and courage. There is wiggle room in my dresses and there is courage to trust that love will come to you when you least expect it.

That every button sewn in is a hopeful thought that it's your turn now. It is as obvious to me as I gratefully embrace you all in my last waking thoughts every night before John Blund's sprinkle of sleep rains down on my face as I lie nestled between my two soft dogs.

During 36 hours, I will have time to see my producers, look at a possible home for me and the doggies, eat Jonni's truffle pasta and have a chat with Gianni and see how his heart is doing. And then I'll drink coffee at the coffee man's and tuck into one of his freshly baked pastries, because then he'll be so heartily happy. And then I'll have time to walk around the village and start some gossip and secretly smile at the stories being coined. What life, what desire I fill the next collection with! Mischief and love. Persistence and courage. Warm kisses through the nights. Lots of work. I am back in my beloved Österlen this weekend. I'm moving back into my white villa with the heavenly view of my beautiful Reunion farm. Stronger, happier and full of ideas! Enough. Pronto. Love. m.


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