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He pulled my leg towards him and said with a twinkle in his eye - "now you're going to have a lovely spa treatment..." and then he pushed his fingers...

He pulled my leg towards him and said with a twinkle in his eye - "now you're going to have a lovely spa treatment..." and then he pushed his fingers under my knee so that I suddenly went up to the ceiling while keeping my mouth shut so as not to scream and scare away everyone from the waiting room... I was lying on the bunk with my new wizard who had promised to fix me and my poor knee. Or promised and promised. But we can say that he has come further than most who have tried or pretend to have tried but in fact they have cared about my knee as much as the ducks care about the trams on the other side of the globe.

Orthopedists, physiotherapists, GPs, masseuses... I have spent half a fortune hoping for relief, help, mercy. A broken knee in a middle-aged female entrepreneur is of absolutely zero and no interest to healthcare. The risk of costing too much money is too imminent that I have been dismissed everywhere that surgery to get a new knee is in order, but you are too young... you have to hang around for a while more, like ten years. I've had many offers that these sado-masochists are happy to put one or two cortisone shots in my knee but every time after the first shot, which didn't help one iota, I've said a firm NO. I want to sort this out from the ground up. So when I got a tip about Jonas at the Hyllie Sports Injury Clinic, I grabbed it desperately.

There I was now, stuck to the ceiling in pain and swinging on the ceiling lamp due to a so-called "spa treatment" in my bad knee. But after a few minutes the pain subsided significantly and I stopped sweating, he laughed and said BREATHE Maria and then I started giggling and breathing too. And then I looked in surprise at his fairly satisfied face as if he knew what he was doing. Of course he knew that haha... He said that no matter what your orthopedist says, this is a torn meniscus and you need to do a quick MRI so we can sort this out. Nobody NOBODY should go with the pain you had for almost 2.5 years!

That's how you step on it, life goes on. The job must be done. Broken knee, herniated disc in the back or seven thousand migraine attacks. Deliveries, deliveries, styling, garden fixes, meetings and planning. The job must be done. Seven days a week. And that's probably a bit of the charm of my life. I love my company, my job, my businesses so much that I probably have those ailments to thank for getting me out of bed in the mornings after all. I have to get up on those extra painful mornings and look for an ipren or two. And suddenly I'm up and standing in a hot shower and the coffee tastes even better than yesterday and the dogs are always happy and I'm alive. I live. I am so grateful for that.
I don't know where I got the power from. But it is innate and exists like a fire deep inside the chest. I have an enormous zest for life. I wake up curious every morning. What is happening today? How can I influence the day to be the best? Miracles happen in different ways every day. I am also surrounded by wonderful loving people with whom I work and live.

It's extra fun to live in Österlen right now as the budding season begins to sniff its way up to the gate that stands ajar and beckons with new exciting adventures in the most beautiful landscape I know (apart from Tuscany now and then...). Carpentry is done, painted, cleared, planted, planned... new businesses sprout in their infancy. Some old ones move or close down. The expectations are as great and eager as the feelings of spring every year at this time. And spring feelings, we have that. Oboe. It bubbles in the body and the carbonation or champagne rushes through the veins. Life...It swings the cat!
So when you head out this weekend – spot some new homemade signs, a newly built extension to become a shop, a white painted fence around a new car park… there are lots of fun adventurous activities to discover. Give everyone a chance, it's a tiring job to be an entrepreneur and the best thing you know is to be able to proudly show off your business.

This week we haven't had to go to the gym! We have unpacked LOTS of nice spring news. Everything is now up in the web shop and is of course hung up at Reuniongården in our beautiful clothing store, which is pure light therapy after a long winter in grey-grey shades. Now you can spy on spring's lively progress through the large round window at the "old man's corner" facing Sandhammaren.
And just that... our fantastic web team has produced a new website especially for Reunion Farm. There you can discover all the mischief we are about to fix just for YOU during spring and the start of the season.
Check it out here: www.reuniongå If you sign up for our newsletter, you will also receive an invitation to our first event where we start the celebration of our 20th anniversary... a hot AW with a fashion show on 10/3. The number of places is limited…
Enjoy the weekend you lovely ones. We are going to see the Bank exhibition in Malmö tonight, have you seen it?

With warm love m. ❤️


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